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Mon 03 March 2014


A big thanks to Alyssa J Montgomery for inviting me to join in the blog tour. Alyssa's Blog can be seen here. Alyssa's debut book Mistaken Identity is a must read.

So, on to my contribution:

My Writing Process

What am I working on? My current project is the tail end (the hard work of editing and polishing) of a time-travel novella, set in both present day and Victorian England. Like most of my books I couldn’t resist including fate and interconnected relationships over time in the story. The novella is for a second Anthology of stories from TWC Press entitled Timeless Encounters, and will follow-up from Moonlit Encounters available here. I am also working on a second reincarnation story set in ancient Egypt and a paranormal murder mystery.

How does my work differ from others of its genre? Most of my work has extremely complex plotting and though the love story/romance is central, I can’t help throwing in the odd bit of murder, magic or mayhem. All of which can be found in my most recent Harlequin Escape release Secret Reflection

Why do I write what I do? Most people who know me well would likely say I have a crazy imagination. I daydream a heck of a lot, but I remember a lot of my sleeping dreams as well. I am also a history nut … and a frustrated archaeologist. So if I can toss in some ideas from all these areas, I will. History is my biggest compulsion. Past events, and the people who propel them, fascinate me no end. The mystique, the romance of ancient times scratches away at my creative mind until I just have to write about it.

How does my writing process work? I am a highly undisciplined author. I spend a lot of time staring out windows or meditating or researching (research is a dangerous addiction of mine) but once I have everything fairly settled in my head, I write in a frenzy until I’m done. This generally means all my well-thought-out plans are circumvented by recalcitrant characters who take over the story when I’m not looking. I can’t complain too much though, it’s their story and they know it better than I do!

Next week's My Writing Process Blog Tour authors are Kitty Bucholtz and Coleen Kwan. Kitty's blog entry will be found here and Coleen's blog will be here

Kitty Bucholtz grew up in Northern Michigan, the setting for many of her stories. Now living in Southern California, she followed her husband to Australia twice when he worked on both Happy Feet movies, and she earned her MA in Creative Writing at University of Technology, Sydney.

Kitty is the author of the light urban fantasy Unexpected Superhero and the upcoming Superhero in the Making, in The Adventures of Lewis and Clarke series, and the romantic comedy Little Miss Lovesick. Take a look at Kitty's website: Kitty Bucholtz

Coleen Kwan writes both contemporary and steampunk romance. She lives in Sydney, Australia with her partner and two children. When she isn’t writing she enjoys avoiding housework, eating chocolate, and watching Criminal Minds. Coleen's website: Coleen Kwan

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Excited to announce my modern gothic Secret Reflection has been voted a finalist in the 2014 ARRA Awards! Winner will be announced in March. The book has also been nominated for the Aurealis Awards.


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My reincarnation story The Curse recently sold to Harlequin Escape and is due for a June 1 2014 release.


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Excited to announce my modern gothic Secret Reflection will be released the Harlequin Escape in April 2013! If you liked the Canterville Ghost or The Ghost and Mrs Muir this’ll be one for you.


Moonlit Encounters is now on sale!

Sun 16 December 2012


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My yet-to-be-published historical Her Warrior has won the Land of Enchantment Romance Authors (LERA) Rebecca. This book will be hitting proverbial shelves in the not-too-distant future, so keep your eyes open.

One of my fellow Coven writer pals, best-selling author Paula Roe also placed.

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Great news! Both Trust in Dreams and Honour Bound are now available in all eformats through Smashwords.com.

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New year begins with good news!

Wed 02 March 2011


Just back from a short holiday to find out that one of my unpublished manuscripts Secret Reflection has won the FTHRW Wallflower contests in the Best Scenes section! The manuscript will now be winging its way to judge Megan Records (Kensington) for a closer look.

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Sat 04 December 2010


I am pleased to announce that my novel Secret Reflection is a finalist in the FTHRW Wallflower contest. The entry is now winging its way to Megan records at Kensington.

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Sat 03 April 2010


Secret Reflection has placed or finaled in three American writing competitions. Best was a 2nd placing in the Maryland Romance Writers' Reveal Your Inner Vixen contest, and 3rd placing in the prestigious Stroke of Midnight Contest from Passionate Ink (special interest chapter of Romance Writers of America).

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